Closing the Gap to NYC

Soon I am headed up to New York City to hold Ceremony, give Slideshow presentations, and meet new community.   I never thought in my life this would be the case, that a Shaman from the desert of New Mexico would teach me ancient secrets that I would then be tasked with bringing back to the major metropolitan NY and DC area.

I mean, of course it’s a great idea for this to be happening.  It’s exactly what people need in the urban environment, and of course, I am the Urban Shamin, but it’s so dazzling and enticing, the lure of the glitzy buildings, the people who are connected globally and are decision makers in  many cases, the access to change so many people’s lives.

I am excited beyond belief, and have been working all my life to be in this amazing position, to bring ancient secrets of consciousness into this arena, just when times are looking so dark.  People want joy and magic, and I can actually offer that.  What a blessing!

The slideshow I am developing is about the Biology of Personal Power.  I am showing that there is a direct connection between existing in our hearts (quiet the mental chatter) and the expansion of our personal EMF (electromagnetic field) to generate huge power.

Power in this case means that when your EMF is big and in synch, it has a powerful effect on everything around you.  It also connects you with a vast universe of open possibilities to access solutions and intuition you may never have thought of!

Science is finally starting to catch up to shamanism, and now I can show empirical evidence of what I know experientially.  Miracles are possible, and it is our State of Mind that is going to allow of not allow us to step into a Vortex of Power.

As things develop I will be sharing more and more…

And of course, Kambo Ceremony is ongoing, join our Meetup to attend.  And as always where you feel attracted to learning more, I am happy to spend some private time with you to coach you personally.

As a gift and a way of saying thank you, I am sharing a link to the first in my online series!

Enjoy this first in the series of classes we are offering online as a companion to Medicine Ceremony as well as for Personal Coaching!


Courtni “StarHeart” Hale

My Journey in a Turbulent World

Hi Fellow Spiritual Adventurer!  I thought we should probably get to know each other a little better and since you are looking for answers, I’m going to share a bit about my background and my Soul Journey in a Turbulent World.

In order to bring you the Ancient Knowledge I am offering, I had to “Lose My Mind” and it took me a long time to figure out how things work, and bring back something that makes sense in the modern world.  I had a lot of questions…But we don’t get a “Life Manual” right?  Shouldn’t we though??

I know if you are reading this, you probably are also looking for your Next Step to a better Life.  We probably have a lot in common…While I was growing up I noticed that people were constantly worried and stressed out, and there seemed to be no vehicle to develop one’s deeper gifts and awareness.   I knew I was supposed to go to college and get a good job, but the things I was interested in were not listed in the course schedules.  Around graduation, my professors recommended that I go search for wisdom in the world, with spiritual teachers, native shaman or martial arts masters.  So I did!

While I was searching for Ancient Knowledge I travelled to Europe, South America and New Mexico after graduating from American University’s School of International Service in Washington DC and a few years of a Doctoral Program at University of Delaware.  After getting a “real job” and working at the Public Defenders as a Spanish interpreter, I felt that I could serve better if I understood what is missing in our ‘modern’ culture, what’s at the root of our ills, rather than helping to patch a broken system.

The lack of equality and spiritual consciousness, and depression, anxiety, substance abuse concerned me.  I left the PhD program at University of DE and my Consulting Firm and lucrative clients in search of my Soul Purpose, My Gift, Personal Power, My Path…It wasn’t easy!

Half of my family is Native American, and I have always been interested in culture and spirituality…So I went off in search of my roots and ended up studying in New Mexico for 10 years with a Pueblo Shaman, and many other teachers.  I am authorized to perform (and have done) many ceremonies.

The best use of my time and energy in our world today is translating ancient wisdom into a system for modern spiritual awakening.  I call it “Finding the Force” and I offer many Ancient Tools that are powerfully elegant in their simplicity, easy to understand and use immediately, without years of study and research.

I am offering you the gift of saving you time and giving you accurate information for your Personal Power, which comes from Balance and Peace.

What I have discovered goes beyond one culture though, or even several.  There is a Core Teaching at the Center of it all that I want to share with the world right now.  Our Inner Power to Connect with the Universe comes only when we have a certain stillness, and also have quieted the body and mind to allow the Mystery of the Force to fill us up.

Don’t just believe me though!  Check out all the years of classes and gatherings I have organized in our Community in New Mexico, at One People Tribal Nation on Meetup, as well as going to