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5 Steps to Finding The Force

Do you ever wonder how you can have a positive impact in this crazy world? We are going through a huge transition as a planet and we each can deliver our unique gift to the world by Stepping Into Our Personal Power, Finding The Force.

The Force is known to you through Star Wars, but, what is it?  How do certain people achieve great things, find happiness, achieve wealth and abundance or stay healthy and live long lives?  What is The Force and how can it be with you?

Finding the Force is about how to live your life with Divine Grace.  The Force is the all-pervasive Field of Light that is pure consciousness, unbounded, unconditional love.  It is what allows for miracles and mindfullness, as well as the web of consciousness that permeates our existence.

Finding The Force is a series of teachings that allows you to Balance and Harmonize different elements of your life in order to be able to rise above. This is L2, Level Two of the series, as you will find L1 for free on the previous page.


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