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Meet Courtni Starheart

Welcome! I guide individuals through the process of, “Finding the Force,” to create powerful shifts in their lives, careers, and businesses. I teach and inspire audiences to embrace and harness the transformative energy of the world to reach new heights of success. I believe we are always just one shift in thinking away from unleashing the boundless potential within.

Courtni’s message ignites & empowers actionable evolution

The journey towards transformation begins on stage but truly unfolds when your audience steps out of the room.

Courtni’s story inspires and compels change, and the valuable insights and tools your audience will take home empower them to turn that inspiration into their own personal reality.

Your Audience Deserves More Than Just Inspirational Words

More about Courtni

She has been the Executive Director of the Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge since 2005.

She is a yoga teacher, singer-songwriter, herbalist, author, as well as podcast and radio show host. The main focus of this has been to serve the community which she developed with Patricio Dominguez and share ancient global traditions in today’s changing world.

​Courtni has extensive experience in facilitating Sweat lodge, Medicine Journeys, Spiritual Readings, Kambo Ceremony, Pipe Ceremony, EcoSpiritual tours, Events and Retreats, Soul Retrieval and other spiritual practices.

Courtni Starheart is a traditionally trained Medicine Person with 20+ years of study, BAS International Relations from American University, BAS in Latin American Culture, and Doctoral studies at the University of Delaware.

Courtni “Starheart” Hale is a Traditional Spiritual Guide, Shaman (Medicine Person) and Visionary Artist. She has completed a 7-Year Residency in Traditional Southwestern Shamanic Practices by Medicine Man Patricio Dominguez (of DMT: Spirit Molecule). She was authorized to independently hold ceremony and certified in 2008 by the Church of the Spiritual Path. She is the Founder of the Church of the Natural Law and the Medicine Retreats of Finding The Force.

As a National Merit Scholar, she received a full scholarship from American University and completed two bachelor’s degrees to Graduate from the School of International Service Class of 97, BAS Latin American Studies/Culture, and BAS International Relations/ Politics. She went on to Doctoral Studies in Political Science at the University of Delaware.


Leader/ Organizer and Speaking Events

World Economic Forum (4 Steps Into The Vortex: Biology of Personal Power)

EcoVillage Event (including Pete Seeger, Grandmaster Ken Lo, Grandmother Flordemayo, Carole Hart)

Monday Night Talks on Consciousness, KUNM with Patricio Dominguez and Lucio Urban

Talk Radio NYC: Finding The Force Podcast Series


Garden Installations, 2007-11, Warwick NY (Doc Fry Community Center, Goshen Farm Biodynamic Coop – Herbal Install with accompanying instructions on medicinal properties, Orange County Historic Sites, Hill Hold) as well as consulting for camp activities at several sites


Events with Pete Seeger, Jose Ruiz, Susun Weed, Charles Eisenstein, Best-Selling Author Mike Murphy, PingZhen Cheng, Carol Hart, Don Patricio Dominguez, Pat McCabe, Phil BlueHorse, Mike “Two Bears” Andrews…

Film Production of Project Girasols

8 Filmettes on Programming Collaboration for Youth in Nature: Girasols (Sunflower) Education Package for Common Core in the Garden, Liberty Gardens (special raised bed gardens for elderly), AcTah (Labyrinth Installation)

New Dynamic Design of Church Sweat Lodge, 2012.

Includes group organization, implementation, funding and materials acquisition

Newspaper Article, Local IQ Albuquerque NM

Silk Art Retreats and Seminars for Groups

Including world religion meditations, drumming, journeying and tools for visionary art (Ananda Ashram, NY, Warwick Artists Coalition, Chabad, Reform Temple Monroe, NY) 2006-2018

Adobe Eco-Friendly Building Demo (Historic Ironwood Farm, NM) 2012

Gallery exhibitions

(Bertoni, Sugar Loaf NY, 2008. Event with Susun Weed Goshen NY, 2009. Woodstock NY, 2010 gallery and KTD. The Range, NM 2010-2016 Rotating pieces. World Studio NM 2013-14, owner, group organizer, world renowned New Mexico artists in multiple mediums)

Retreat Facilitator

Ananda Ashram 2008-9 Yoga instruction, Sound Bath and Drumming

Aquaponics workshops and Building in Group, Ironwood Farm NM

Live Feeds Weekly

“Standing Lunch” Updates on Standing Rock, 2016

Sacred Sites Tours NM

2001- present (10 day tours with shamanic students from across the US to visit Chaco, Bandelier, Taos, Albuquerque, Pueblo Cultural Museum, Santa Fe Canyon Road and many Ceremonies including Josh Shapiro of Crystal Skulls, Sweat Lodge, Kiva and Pipe Ceremony

Interviews on Radio with KUNM

Albuquerque, NM Live Radio, Collaboration with Maori Indigenous Elders to share Cultural Exhibit “Wai”, as well as many segments on Consciousness

Independent Radio Podcasts

Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy, Our Daily Magic, Farm-A-Yard, Finding The Force, and more…

EcoTour to NM Sacred Sites Teaching on the Sacred Medicine Wheel

Drum-Making, Health and Wellness from Mineral Baths and Spa Retreats such as Ojo Caliente and more…


I’m Courtni Starheart. While I was growing up I noticed that people were constantly worried and stressed out, and there seemed to be no vehicle to develop one’s deeper gifts and awareness.  Coming from the Midwest to the East Coast I also noticed the population density and lack of nature and farming.

I knew I was supposed to go to college and get a good job, but the things I was interested in were not listed in the course schedules.  Around graduation, my professors recommended that I go search for wisdom in the world, with spiritual teachers, native shaman or martial arts masters.

So I Did!

healing & psychedelic journey

While I was searching for Ancient Knowledge I traveled to Europe, South America and New Mexico after graduating from American University’s School of International Service in Washington DC, plus attending a Doctoral Program at University of Delaware.  

I was seeking the traces of the ancient peoples of the world, the Inca, Maya, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Anasazi, Hindu, Tibetan and ancient mystery schools around the globe.  I had always sensed that something lay just beyond my grasp, and had many brushes with death, or Near Death Experiences (NDE’s).

After a career working at the Public Defenders as a Spanish interpreter, I felt that I could serve better if I understood what is missing in our ‘modern’ culture, what’s at the root of our ills, rather than helping to patch a broken system.

I also suffered from prolonged exposure to E. coli, and felt the urgent need to uncover the root of our illness as humanity, especially for the sake of my children.  I had to learn to pray for a miracle.

The lack of equality and spiritual consciousness, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse concerned me.  I left the PhD program at University of DE and my Consulting Firm and lucrative clients in search of my Soul Purpose, My Gift, Personal Power, My Path…It wasn’t easy.

Interviewing dozens of experts in consciousness and Shamanism, I wrote a book called, “RainMaking While Dying.” I was so impressed with the Native Medicine traditions that I did my residency in this lineage for 15 years.

I discovered, hidden in plain view all over the world,

a simple decoder ring for life.

It’s a spiritual compass and the 4 Keys are our Map.

4 Keys to the Force

Half of my family is Native American, and I have always been interested in culture and spirituality.  The Medicine Wheel is part of every sacred system I’ve ever found in Native cultures.  But it’s all across the planet.

When I went off in search of my roots and ended up studying in New Mexico for 15 years with a Pueblo Shaman, and many other teachers, I saw a similarity between all ancient cultures.  

I am authorized to perform (and have done) many ceremonies, which is a tremendous honor and responsibility.  This includes Ayahuasca and San Pedro, which turned me into a huge political controversy, despite my lineage and training.  But what we learn from Plant Medicine and Shamanic cultures can be translated into a map and compass for anyone.

The 4 Keys can enable anyone, anywhere to tap into the same mysterious Force that all traditions refer to.  We are connected through a vast web of light that is our birthright, if we wish to step into our next phase of human evolution.

Interactive Keynote and Journey

The Journey we provide is very similar to that of our ancestors, who traveled into the Spirit World, the DreamTime, or Heaven – in order to tap into their divine aspect.

I wanted to develop something that could elevate the consciousness of the masses, as we are living in unique times and our world needs us to step up and do the work to Change our Minds.

The best use of my time and energy in our world today is translating ancient wisdom into a system for modern spiritual awakening.  I call it “Finding the Force” and I offer many Ancient Tools that are powerfully elegant in their simplicity, easy to understand and use immediately, without years of study and research.

Finding The Force

Finding the Force is unique because of its scientific and quantum focus on sharing global Shamanic traditions.   Not only do I know experientially that the tools of my lineage and traditions work, I can also share the science behind it now that the “modern world” has caught up with shamanism!  I offer you the gift of saving time in providing accurate information for Personal Power (Balance and Peace) from internationally renowned Lineage Guides.  

My academic background from American University’s School of International Service (‘97 BAS IR, BAS LAS, Certified Spanish Translator) as both a National Merit and also Presidential Scholar made me especially capable of translating this ancient knowledge into terms and concepts that are applicable right now, today. 

All you need is a taste of what’s possible and you will want to Find The Force every day with our simple tools for plugging into Higher Consciousness and Unconflicted Intelligence.

What I have discovered goes beyond one culture, or even several.  There is a Core Teaching at the Center of all esoteric/shamanic traditions and tools that I want to share with the world at this pivotal moment.  Our Inner Power to Connect with the Universe comes only when we have a certain stillness, and also have quieted the body and mind to allow the Mystery of the Force to fill us up.  The way out into the Universe is IN, into the Heart, which is the Vortex or the Force, and the gift we have as humanity that sets us apart is Cooperation and Unity.

Don’t take my word for it…

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The newest Package, Finding The Force, includes Speaking Events, many levels of classes and retreats, as well as books and coaching. I am currently working in Huntington (Long Island) New York, offering monthly Ceremony, monthly Retreats, Private Sacred Journeys, and Video Podcasts and Documentaries.

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