How Indigenous Medicine Help Corporate Productivity

There’s an epidemic of Distraction that’s draining 650 billion in our workplaces.

Lack of Awareness and proper training about the human mind-body interface is the issue.  We provide a toolkit for people to dial into mental focus and more easily navigate the changing world.

These 4 Keys will bring clarity and prosperity you have never imagined, and they are easy to acquire onced demonstrated.  You can 

Transform Your Personal Life or the Workplace with research driven tools in an immersive, live performance or guided online.  Get back your chunk of the $650 Billion lost, and ignite the kind of meaningful vision that brings a powerful Force into your world.   

When The Force is present, another level of intelligence can kick in, as demonstrated by the shift in energy field, generated, of course by the Heart.  Our 4 Keys give you the toolkit for hacking your Mind-Body system in order to soar to new levels, saving time and money.

How Can Finding The Force Help Professional Focus and Productivity?

Studies Show Brain Wave Changes, such as the ones you can acquire with the 4 Keys Course and Performance, Offer:

25-35%+ improvement in Focus, Calm and Rest 

50% improvement in Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue  – HeartMath Institute (HMI)

Need to Level Up in a Wildly Changing World?

Want the antidote to stay centered and focused in our shifting world?  The 4 Keys delivers concepts, data, and tools combined to show you a whole new way of seeing life.  Our Keys provide a sort of Compass, to be able to map where you need improvement, and immediately practice together, these techniques and training to meet your unique goals.  

Combining data and research with ancient, global, techniques, we guide your team to use these easy tools with practice that embeds new habits right away. 

Though challenging, this new frontier in human evolution is full of potential, but it demands new levels of power.  We have taken the mystery out and left the romance in.

We offer a Keynote Presentation for your group, or 1-1 Coaching in a 5 Step Program that elevates your intelligence and plugs you into more high performance flow.

This Quantum realm of Heart-Brain connection is the challenge of this new world, and to master it, you will need to practice certain techniques.  Once acquired, these new techniques will shift you into a whole new realm of brain function.

Studies show that Shamanic training (known as heart-brain coherence in western science) can impact corporate productivity in several ways, and we have translated them for your benefit.  We want you and your team to be successful, healthy and wealthy.

  • A new level of thought is needed to stay ahead in today’s changing world.  This next level is an enhanced bandwidth of higher consciousness.  We can tap into depths of knowing that plug us into quantum intelligence.
  • Finding The Force is a Keynote Performance and immersive training in standardized Shamanic practices, or a Coaching program for leaders 
  • Immersive and entertaining, while powerful, these techniques can touch anyone anytime. 
  • Our team will also train yours to plant a coach in your workplace to help nourish and grow these new habits.
  • Easy to customize to each group, we set the goals in tandem with your team for the maximum benefit 


All Art Builds on Sand

The Works of Human Pride and Passion

Rise and Fall

But They who shareth the life of god with them

Surviveth All 

  • Wordsworth

Here are some potential ways in which Quantum Shamanic practices could influence corporate productivity:

1. **Stress Reduction and Mental Well-Being**: Many traditional indigenous healing practices emphasize holistic well-being, including mental and emotional health. Mindfulness techniques, meditation, and other practices rooted in indigenous medicine can help reduce stress, enhance focus, and improve overall mental well-being among employees. Reduced stress levels can lead to better concentration, creativity, and decision-making in the workplace.

2. **Improved Employee Health**: Indigenous medicine often focuses on preventive care and strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities. Incorporating aspects of traditional diets, herbal remedies, and movement practices could contribute to better physical health among employees. Healthier employees are likely to experience fewer sick days and have higher energy levels, leading to increased productivity.

3. **Cultural Connection and Engagement**: Embracing indigenous healing practices can foster a sense of connection and identity among employees. This sense of belonging can lead to increased job satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty, all of which positively influence productivity.

4. **Team Building and Collaboration**: Some traditional indigenous practices involve communal activities and ceremonies. Engaging in these activities within the workplace can promote team building, strengthen relationships among colleagues, and enhance collaboration.

5. **Creativity and Innovation**: Indigenous healing practices often involve creative rituals, storytelling, and arts-based therapies. Encouraging employees to tap into their creativity through such practices could enhance problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, and the generation of new ideas.

6. **Reduced Absenteeism and Burnout**: By promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, indigenous healing practices can contribute to reduced absenteeism, turnover, and burnout. This, in turn, maintains a more stable and productive workforce.

7. **Flexible Work Environments**: Incorporating aspects of indigenous healing practices might encourage companies to adopt more flexible and holistic approaches to work. This could involve offering flexible hours, wellness programs, or designated spaces for mindfulness and relaxation.

8. **Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)**: Embracing indigenous healing practices as part of corporate wellness initiatives can demonstrate a commitment to cultural diversity and social responsibility, enhancing the company’s reputation and appeal to socially conscious employees and consumers.

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