BreakThrough Call

Do you want to feel focused and clear with more flow in today’s changing world?

Focus is the skill you need in a quantum reality. Slow down to speed up. Walk into any room with confidence and calm, knowing the answers lie within your reach.

Schedule a 15-minute call to try it out: 4 Keys Breakthrough Techniques are easy to learn in a fun, immersive environment, performance, coaching or Retreat. Find out which is right for you.

Finding The Force offers science backed tools combined with immersive training, proven to instill lasting habits. So you can navigate the wild world and keep the edge on competition.

Save time and money by losing less energy in difficult situations with these simple and enjoyable hacks for your CNS (Central Nervous System). Keeping calm and cool and lowering stress levels contributes to more productive work. Follow up HeartMath monitor recommended to track your progress.

Track the measurable results when you download the companion app for a HeartMath Monitor, and let us set you up for success for achieving your personal vision with meaning profit, less stress.

Maintain and ingrain a mental state of excellence through practices and adventures that are unexpectedly fun. Giving you the tools, science backed tech, and immersive training to build your personal power.

This means more ease and grace with your professional and personal performance.

– Focus, Flex and Flow
– Concrete habits, measurable results
– Be more effective with less effort, connecting to inner vision
– More money, less work, better health
– Focus, Calm and Rest up by 25-35%+
– Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue down by 50%+
– HeartMath Institute Research and proven techniques

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Get the edge by using these time-honored techniques. Immersive training to acquire a whole new skill set for the wild quantum world. Over 20 years of leading retreats I have an accessible set of skills that works for anyone, more and more each time they are used.

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