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About Finding The Force

Hi, I’m Courtni Starheart

In a world replete with digital and other distractions, maintaining focus is a lost art. More than just a nuisance, according to Insider Weekly this inability to focus costs companies $650 billion each year.

Helping companies maintain competitive advantage is at the heart of Courtni StarHeart’s Finding the Force: 4 Keys of Power keynote. “I offer the data, techniques, and training to shift my audiences to a more powerful state of mind,” says StarHeart, whose background is both academic as well as steeped in Pueblo and Meso-American culture.

A National Merit Scholar at American University and long-time government consultant, a life-threatening event compelled her to seek alternative solutions. That led to a journey combining science and shamanism. The results? Her own healing and a path forward to help others self-correct. Finding the Force: Four Keys of Power is a meticulously curated experience that includes soundscapes designed to connect audiences with their own higher intelligence.

That connection produces both focus and fulfillment.

Her home base, just 45 minutes from New York City, is a welcome respite and host site for life-affirming shamanic retreats. She is also available for virtual and in-person consulting to help clients achieve clarity.





Are you in search of a captivating and transformative speaker for your upcoming event or corporate training session? Courtni Starheart’s exceptional track record for delivering compelling and motivational keynotes is unparalleled, empowering attendees to tap into their inner potential and embark on the journey towards the unlimited potential they truly deserve. Contact the Finding the Force team for more information on how to book Courtni for your next event.



If you’re seeking to break free from limitations and transform your reality into the life you’ve always envisioned, it’s time to begin your journey with Finding the Force. Courtni’s exceptional approach to coaching, rooted in the power of Finding the Force, is transformative, helping individuals and teams harness their strengths and embark on the journey into unlimited possibility. To take the first step towards unlocking your true potential, reach out to the Finding the Force team for more information on our coaching and consulting programs.

Speaking Topics


Igniting Your Inner Spark


Your audience will be inspired by Courtni’s journey to take action in creating true transformation. Discover the driving force behind your ambitions and aspirations. Courtni Starheart delves into the heart of motivation, revealing techniques to reignite your passion, overcome obstacles, and fuel your journey towards personal power and transformation.


Bridging Deeper Understanding


Explore the power of human connection and its role in cultivating a fulfilling life. In this engaging talk, Courtni Starheart shares insights on establishing deeper connections with others.


Harmonizing Heart & Mind: The Key to Unlocking Your Genius


Unveil the secrets of heart-brain coherence, the key to unlocking your full potential. Courtni Starheart demonstrates the importance of cultivating a harmonious relationship between your heart and mind, and its impact on creativity, productivity, and well-being.


All Possibilities Live in the Present


Dive into the world of complete engagement, where passion and purpose collide. Courtni Starheart shares powerful techniques to immerse yourself in the present moment, maximize productivity, and experience a profound connection to your goals and dreams.


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Zombie Sub-routines


Unearth the limitless potential within you and learn how to harness it to achieve your goals. In this empowering talk, Courtni Starheart shares strategies for tapping into your personal power, transforming your life, and unlocking your inner greatness.


Perception is Reality


Discover the transformative power of changing your mind and adopting new perspectives. Courtni Starheart shares insights on rewiring your thought patterns, overcoming limiting beliefs, and embracing a growth mindset to unlock your full potential.


Know Thyself: A Journey to Authenticity and Self-Discovery


Delve deep into the realm of self-discovery and embrace the Golden Fleece of personal knowledge. Through engaging exercises and challenges, uncover your true essence and cultivate a profound understanding of your own magical, beautiful self.


Unlocking & Conquering Your Inner Cosmos


Take charge of your life by mastering your thoughts, emotions, and actions. In this inspiring talk, Courtni Starheart shares powerful techniques for cultivating self-mastery, empowering you to overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Reverse-Engineering Genius

Unleashing Your Inner Innovator

Reverse-Engineering Genius

Uncover the secrets of the world’s greatest minds and learn how to reverse-engineer their genius. In this enlightening talk, Courtni Starheart shares insights into the thought processes, habits, and mindsets of extraordinary individuals, and provides practical strategies for tapping into your own innovative potential.


BreakThrough Call


On the call, I will share how I went from being fatally ill at 25, a struggling mother alone in the wilderness at 30, to building an internationally renowned organization. - All with the 4 Keys and the Finding The Force system.

Keynote Options

Finding The Force: Four Keys to Unlock Your Personal Power

Ideal Audience: Professional Leadership Training and General Audiences and can be tailored for Leadership, entrepreneurs, or holistic health, custom for each Industry or individual.

Value: Increase team and personal productivity through mental focus, lessening distractions in a busy workplace or solo office, which leads to more bottom-line effectiveness, efficiency, and income.  Focus and clarity create more revenue and ability to pivot in a changing world.

Unique: People learn 400 times faster when they are involved in immersive training, or play. Gamification and tracking multiplies the benefit and keeps your group connected and focused on their new skills.

4 Keys Of Power

A totally unique system for mental clarity and excellence through an immersive toolkit and app.

Your Journey to Inner Power only begins with the presentation.  I offer a 5-week online training with accountability course, a HeartMath monitor, and a leading edge app for tracking and training, with points and classes and prompts.

Custom private App and Platform offers and interactive training system you keep as a gift, which creates a synergistic effect for long term retention.

The 4 Keys system combined with the Social Glow app is more than the sum of the parts. Research shows that using this kind of system, (from Heart Math Institute) provides an increase in productivity within one month, as well as a a decrease in anxiety, fatigue and distraction.

$650 Billion lost to distractions each year is easy to get back.  But it requires creating a new kind of space and mindset.  Mental focus is the solution but it only comes with happy, calm people.

Take back your personal power through 4 Keys in a System to create mental focus on a meaningful path.

– – –

Whether your team is struggling to stay focused, are you are looking to create a deeper meaning to inspire your people, entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders will all benefit from this simple and elegant system.

Imagine having complete mental clarity and confidence because you have mastered your inner game. This is the edge you need in today’s changing world.

Do you ever ask yourself how some people are thriving today?  What do they know that others don’t?

When we look around us and see the people who are thriving in this tumultuous world, there is a certain set of skills that they have, whether they know it or not.

After 20 years of working with thousands of clients doing training at Retreats, and large events (Pete Seeger & Clearwater Foundation, Orange County Planning Department, ABC TV New Mexico and Mesa Del Sol Charter School, KUNM Radio University of New Mexico, Mike Murphy Beat Selling author, Creation Frequency, and more)  Courtni StarHeart has a unique ability to deliver this knowledge of the 4 Keys of Power.

As a National Merit Scholar, author, visionary, artist, event, coordinator, and executive trainer, who has worked with legendary icons, Courtni has a background in training, elite athletes performers and executives.

Courtni knows from personal experience how these 4 Keys can transform peoples lives, giving them a focus and clarity that can only be achieved with these once secret tools.

Having traveled the world to research ancient cultures and civilizations, which seemed to have almost magical powers, she spent 20 years studying with masters from around the world to bring you this powerful transformation system.

While entertaining you with a performance and immersive, game like tools that will light up your audience, she will share how Vision, Meaning and Habit can create the Focus that you need to avoid the $650 billion of distractions in the workplace (Business Weekly).

The secrets of mind power that science has finally cracked open, will be available to you in an easy sequence taught through immersive training.

Get ready to Find The Force and Unlock your Power!

Takeaways: In this program, you’ll learn…

  • How our personal Vision allows us to focus on getting this game done when it’s aligned
  • What Habits you need to install in your life to maintain your focus and clarity
  • How to unblock your old beliefs and achieve your inner genius and excellence through Meaning
  • The 4 simple tools you need to create lasting change and dial into “The Force”
  • Access a custom App for your team to connect them to the gentle reminders they need to make a new habit in 28 Days
  • Optional after event with select group of 5-10 to use the Heart Math sensor to see exactly how it works on a screen with a live real-time readout
  • Custom consulting package designed for you in a follow up online or in person
Want more after the KeyNote Performance?

Clarity Toolkit: PlayBook for an Inside Job


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