Finding The Force

4 Keys for Focus for Power

I’m Courtni Hale

I’m Courtni Hale, an Executive Coach to guide professionals to master Inner Vision and Power, through a system I call Finding The Force. With $650 Billion lost each year to distractions at work, Focus is the edge you need to thrive. In 4 easy steps you will ignite a powerful source of Focus and that allows you to navigate with grace in a changing world.

Our system combines research, adventure, and training to acquire these skills and download success.

This Force, or Focus, comes from a powerful connection to higher intelligence that can give you superhuman smarts, in a time-honored system. I help aspirational professionals and teams acquire the 4 Keys of Power, and transform their family, friends, or health, to grow in new ways.

Set up a BreakThrough Call

I’m hosting a call for new prospective clients to learn these 4 Keys, and receive a sample of the process, where they can shift immediately.

I didn’t always know these 4 Keys, but I was forced to acquire them when I healed naturally of extensive, chronic e coli poisoning. Going back to my mothers native and shamanic roots, I realized there was a system, a “Medicine Wheel ” with 4 Key Parts, that people from around the world once used. This decoder ring held the power to receive higher intelligence, once ignited.

On the call, I will share how I went from being fatally ill at 25, a struggling mother alone in the wilderness at 30, to building an internationally renowned organization. – All with the 4 Keys and the Finding The Force system.

I am limiting this call to 7 people to encourage meaningful participation.

Please let me know if you would like one of the last two available seats.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Courtni “StarHeart” Hale

Schedule 15 min appt